Center City Red Dogs


Owner: Stewart “Doubles” Schley

Birthday: Aug. 18. Who’s asking?

Birthplace: Denver

Hometown: Denver

High School: Arvada West

College: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo.

DDL Playoff Appearances: 

2013: Denver Series champion (vs. OTW, 4-2)
2014: Wild Card (lost 10-6 vs. FTC)
2016: Wild Card (lost 2-1 vs. SPR)
2021: Wild Card (lost 1-0 vs. LOV)

Source of DDL Name: The acronym is CCR. ‘Nuff said, but if you require additional support material, please go here: In 2017 the original Cherry Creek Reservoir Dogs morphed into the Cherry Creek Red Dogs and, prior to the 2019 season, to the Center City Red Dogs.

How Did You Find the DDL: Invited to join by Derek Premac at a Rockies vs. Phillies game in the dead of summer shortly after sampling single malts at the Wynkoop Brewery.

Previous Strat Experience: Rolled dice as a kid w/my older brother.

Memorable Strat Moment: First DDL win vs. Golden in 1997 opening series, erasing fears of a 0-154 debut season.

Best DDL draft pick: Carlos Ruiz, Round 8, 2007. He later went on to win MVP of the Red Dogs’ 2013 Championship Season.

Best DDL trade: Mark Loretta for Juan Encarnacion plus #4 overall draft pick (2005).

Worst DDL trade: 1997 No. 1 draft pick (i.e. the “Kevin Brown” pick) for a bag of baseballs. I was young.

Team priorities: 1) pitching 2) defense 3) more pitching 4) attractive staff

Favorite ML club: Pittsburgh Pirates

Favorite baseball announcer: Vin Scully

Favorite baseball player: Roy White

Favorite baseball manager: Clint Hurdle

CCR All Time Leaders