Cherry Creek Trailblazers

Owner/Manager: Rick Frechette

Birthdate: November 3

Birthplace: Tupper Lake, NY

Residence: Denver

College: University of Arizona

Sports I’ve most enjoyed playing: Basketball, Sandlot baseball, softball, golf (debatable at times),
backyard football, ping pong

Favorite historic sports teams: Big Red Machine, gulp–70’s Raiders, Erving’s Sixers, Olson’s 96-97
Wildcats (Bear Down!)

Sports icons: Johnny Bench, Julius Erving, Arnold Palmer

Sports announcers: Dick Enberg, John Madden (okay, technically a commentator, but he made the term
“boom” a household word)

Favorite Sports moments: UofA’s trifecta over 3 #1 seeds in ’97, Elway’s helicopter spin against Green Bay in ‘98, Holliday’s face-plant score in the tiebreaker game in ’07.

Strat experience: Devoted player since November 2018

Favorite life experiences: Tie — watching the births of my two daughters

Team name and hobby connection: walking the Cherry Creek trail every weekend and other days off
work; riding the bike on it around Cherry Creek reservoir.

SOM aspiration: get to know some great guys and deepen my knowledge and appreciation of baseball. After a few years of that, to take over Theo’s job.