Decatur Moonlights


Owner/Manager: Craig White

Born: St. Joseph, Missouri

Current location: Decatur, Illinois

High School: Lawrence High School — Lawrence, Kansas

College: undergraduate degree — University of Missouri; graduate degree — University of Kansas

How I found the league: David Kukafka and I play in another Strat league together. I sent out a message to the league saying I was looking for an additional league to play in. David had Derek contact me sometime later.

When did I first play Strat: junior high school in Illinois, I started playing with a couple of buddies.  We then started a league.

Favorite MLB team: St. Louis Cardinals.

Favorite announcer: Jack Buck.  I went to sleep many nights as a kid listening to Jack Buck calling Cardinal games. I lived in St. Louis from 4-7 years of age, and I fondly remember radios being on all over the neighborhood in the evenings with Cardinal broadcasts.

When I loved baseball the most: In the 1970’s.  There was something magical to me about baseball when I was a kid (I guess most people think this). I also liked baseball more then I think — less homers, fewer strikeouts, the ball in play more.  Not a big fan of the current state of MLB, but it is the only one we have.

Worth noting: I have a brother who lives in the Denver area, on top of a mountain in Evergreen.

Strat team name: Like a lot of folks, I enjoy the movie “Field of Dreams.”  Knowing “Doc,” or “Moonlight” Graham was a real person, I researched him. My kind of guy. To keep things simple, all things Strat-o-Matic, I use the name Moonlight Graham.