Fremont Seagulls



Owner/Manager: Michael Thomson

High School: Archie Williams (nee Sir Francis Drake) High School, San Anselmo, CA Class of ‘69

Previous Strat Experience: Jeff Kingery’s house in high school. Returning to the game after a 50-year sabbatical

Source of DDL Name: Name is in recognition of the seagulls that line the top of the stands way down the left field line of Oracle (nee Pac Bell / SBC / AT&T) Park about the 7th inning of every ballgame, waiting for the game to end so they can go after leftover garlic fries. Although why there are leftover garlic fries is beyond me.

Inaugural DDL Season: 2021

Favorite MLB Club: San Francisco Giants

MLB Highlights:

  • First MLB game – Seal Stadium 1958
  • As a kid, falling asleep at night with my transistor radio and earpiece listening to Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons
  • First Candlestick Park game – 1962
  • Seeing Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, and Marichal play a lot and not fully appreciating it until later in life
  • Croix De Candlestick – 1984 – survived an extra inning weeknight summer (really cold) game at Candlestick Park (Krukow v Gooden)
  • Opening Day – Pac Bell Park 2000 (I still can’t believe they build something that great after all those years in Candlestick)
  • Season tickets – 2000 thru 2013 (shared)
  • First World Series game – 2002 Giants v Angels
  • First World Champion – 2010 Giants (Yes. There is crying in baseball)
  • First All-Star game – 2007 (Ichiro inside-the-park home run)
  • Guilt taking my kids to weeknight games during the school year – only a little
  • Cooperstown 2014
  • First spring training – Scottsdale 2016

Current active sports: Golf – 18 handicap (according the USGA’s completely flawed handicap system)

Current viewing sports: Formula 1 and Indycar; SF Giants, 49ers, Warriors, SJ Sharks. Mostly all on TV

Baseball Trophies: San Anselmo Little League 1960 minor champions (Catey’s Whirlpool). Warm Springs (Fremont) Little League 2002 Junior Champions coaching my son’s team (Mariners).

Baseball Cards: Tragically all gone in the spokes of my bike – although they sounded cool being torn to shreds. Who knew?