Bayou Bay Sea Devils

Owner/Manager: Logan Phillips

Birthplace: Loveland, Colorado

University of Nevada Las Vegas: Criminal Justice major
Tulane University: Masters in Emergency Management

Occupation: Health and Safety/Emergency Management

Sea Devils Trivia

Inaugural DDL Season: 2017

Stadium: The Bayou: “Welcome to the Bayou fans enjoy the game.”

Colors: Purple, Gold and Emerald Green

Source of DDL Nickname: I am fascinated by minor league baseball team names. My favorite, New Orleans Baby Cakes, is where the colors originated. Name is a mix between Tulane, Louisiana, Georgia, and a little bit of sea devil.

Best DDL Trades:

Las Vegas sends Brandon Maurer, Matt Garza, and Conor Gillaspie to Centennial for Manuel Margot, Koji Uehara, & Joe Kelly

Las Vegas sends Kevin Siegrist to Huntington Beach for Travis Shaw.

Trade that shaped the franchise:

Fan favorite Bryce Harper is acquired from the ‘Quas.

Franchise history: 5 seasons, .454 winning percentage

  • Fightin’ Phils: 2017 5-104/.325 8th in South Division
  • Fightin’ Phils: 2018 71-83/.461 6th in South Division
  • Fightin’ Phils: 2019 87-67/.565 3rd in South Division
  • Fightin’ Phils: 2020 45-109/8th in South Division
  • Sea Devils: 2021 97-57/.629 1st in Bob Gibson Division

Championship flags in the outfield:

  • 2019 Wild Card Winners
  • 2021 Bob Gibson Champions
  • 2021 Semi-Final Championship Winners

Award plaques in the clubhouse museum:

2019 All-DDL relief pitcher of the year: Sean Doolittle

How did you find DDL: My dad (Lance Phillips) introduced me to the league. I remember playing, or trying to play, with cards and dice in the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins. I’m sure I beat him every time.

Baseball Stadiums I Have Been To:
MLB: Phillies, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Giants, A’s, Cardinals, Yankees, Orioles, Red Sox, Tampa Rays, Mets, Padres, Astros and Braves (Turner Field and Truist).

MILB: LV 51’s, Las Vegas Aviators, Billings Mustangs, Wilmington Blue Rocks & Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Favorite Baseball Player: Roy Halladay and Ryan Howard. This in addition to every current Philly player except for Hector Neris. He gives me a heart attack every time he is on the mount.

Favorite Baseball Movie: Field of Dreams

Baseball Aspirations: See a game at every MLB stadium & own all MLB and minor league hats. 7/30 MLB Stadiums. 32/30 MLB hats including Expos & Miami Marlins. 25/ way too many MILB hats.

Favorite Major League Club: Phillies and Rockies

Non-DDL Interests: Travel, NCAA Basketball, Film, Law, and Hockey now that Vegas has a team.