Loveland Lugnuts

Owner/Manager: Don Semple

Birthdate: 4/7/54

Significant Others: Tammie – wife; Kelly, Kandi, Kristi, Sarah – daughters;  Cheyenne, Taven, Sidnee, Sommer, Rhiannon, Amaya, Maddox and Zain – grandchildren; Kasen, great grandson

Birthplace: Rochester, New York

Hometown: Loveland, CO

High School: Greece Athena, and Loveland

College: Colorado State University

Why I’m in the DDL: Love playing Strat with good players and meeting good people

Strat Experience: 54 years

Source of DDL Club Nickname: Hometown and a minor league team of the Cubs

Five Favorite Albums: Abbey Road, Beatles; A Place in the Sun, Tim McGraw; Keep the Faith, Bon Jovi; Garth Brooks – Live; Phantom of the Opera soundtrack

Memorable Strat Moment: Beating Keith in a series

Memorable DDL Moment: Beating Derek in a series

Largest DDL Regret: Never making the Denver Series

Best DDL Draft Pick: Sandy Alcantara

Best DDL Trade: Traded the 6th & 18th picks overall for Schilling & the 23rd overall in 2001

Worst DDL Draft Pick: Kaz Ishii – 18th overall in 2003

Worst DDL Trade: Traded Lowell for Wigginton, Nen & Byrd in 2003

Rank in Order: Starters, Consistent Hitting, Defense, Power, Bullpen, Speed

Favorite ML Club(s): Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves

Favorite Baseball Announcer: Jeff Kingery, Jon Miller, Joe Cullinane, Dave Campbell

Favorite Baseball Player: Mark McGwire, Reggie Jackson, Charlie Blackmon

Best Baseball Manager(s): Joe Torre, Earl Weaver

Favorite Athletes: Reggie Jackson, Jim Brown