Series results procedure

Also see Starting Pitching Schedule Procedure

Before you play your first series:

Create a DDL Results directory anywhere EXCEPT under CDROMBB, with sub-directories for:

  • Export Files
  • Subset Files
  • Box Scores & Play Account (PAC) Files

For each series:

  1. To start, select the Play Scheduled Game option.
  2. For the first game of the series, select the date that is shown on the schedule as game 1 of the series.  From then on, select the subsequent date on the schedule.
  3. For the date of the game you are playing select your game and set it to Manual.  Make sure the other games for that day are set to Hold.  Then select the Play Day option.  This will take you into a window where your game will be listed, and you will again need to click on the Manual button at the bottom right of the window.  You will then be taken into the game and you can set your pitchers and lineups as you always have.  Each game has been set as a Day game.  The home team owner can change this if he wants.
  4. Be sure the Create Game Results Files option is checked at the bottom of the lineup screen when you go to play your first game.
  5. Always, always, always remember to give your roster and the team you are playing 15 days off before you begin a series.  It doesn’t hurt to do it more than once, so you can also do it right after a series has concluded.
  6. At the conclusion of the first game, it is recommended that you create and update a series subset file, as we have done in the past.
  7. There will be two files per game saved in the CDROMBB/Export directory (folder).  The file names will always start with 2006DD.  The next two places in the file name will be alpha or number.  Then there is a dot(.) and H## or V##.  A series should have file names that are all the same except the file extension (the info after the dot).  For example, one series file output would look like this:  2006DD10.H01; 2006DD10.H02; 2006DD10.H03; 2006DD10.H04; 2006DD10.H05; 2006DD10.H06; 2006DD10.H07; 2006DD10.V01; 2006DD10.V02; 2006DD10.V03; 2006DD10.V04; 2006DD10.V05; 2006DD10.V06; 2006DD10.V07.  These are the files that you will send to Mark.

The next time you restore the league file from the .LZP file, some of your files that are in the CDROMBB directories will be wiped out.  So immediately at the conclusion of each series:

  1. Copy the files for the series from the CDROMBB/Export directory to your Results/Export Files directory
  2. Copy the files for the series from the CDROMBB/Subsets directory to your Results/Subset Files directory
  3. Copy the Box & PAC files for the series from the CDROMBB/Print/2012DD directory to your Results/BoxScores
  4. Copy all of the above files in to a .ZIP file that is named for the series you just played, i.e. “Series1CHY@PNC”
  5. Send the .ZIP file to Mark

When you email your results PLEASE include in your email which team won how many games in the series. Sample subject line: DDL S15, CHA 4, CCR 2.