Superior Rattlesnakes

Owner/Manager: Ron Sommer

Birthdate: Many Moons Ago

Hometown: Harrington Park, NJ

Spouse: Helen

Children: Madison is a Junior at Kansas and Haley is a Senior at Fairview

Golden Retrievers: Morgan, 9 years old, and Murphy, 4

College: Michigan State University

Employer: Pepsi

Member and Volunteer: Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. We always have a list to adopt, let me know if you are interested in a Golden Retriever.

First Strat set: 1976 season, given to me by a neighbor. First League was in High School. Still remember the Foster 3-4, 5, 6,7 HR card.

DDL: 17th year and time flies.

Career record: Bad

The good news: Have you seen MSU and Kansas Basketball?

The Bad news: No Judge in the house

Strat experience: Played the last 11 years in an 8-team all-star league based out of Detroit, MI. A 3-time Champion. We play on the Internet using Skype and still rolling the dice. Always like the cards better than trusting the computer to play fair.

Participated in 24 seasons of Superstar baseball while in college. A two-team league, but the rivalry was heated. If anyone has ever played they can understand that this old time league may be an equal to the Strat old timer set.

Stadium name: The Snake Pit.

Source of team name: A nasty mean animal that everyone fears but continues to have a deep fascination about. It will bite but it’s the rattle that scares.

Team motto: “We don’t need no stinking defense” and “Chicks dig the long ball.”

Favorite baseball player of all time: Thurman Munson

Favorite team: The Yankees, my family was a season ticket holder from 76-82.