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Series 30

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LSV 3 @ SCT 2

G1-SCT Lauer 3, LSV Berrios 2

G2-SCT Bauer 2, LSV Scherzer 11

G3-SCT DeSclafani 3, LSV Lester 4

G4-SCT Miley 11, LSV Gray 0

G5-SCT Leone 4, LSV Woodruff 13

FTC 5 @ FRE 0

G1: FTC (Rodon) 5, FRE (Flaherty) 4

Pollock and Freeman each hit 2 run homeruns in the 1st and 5th respectively. The Gulls answered with a 2 run HR from Villar in the 3rd, and single shots from Polonco and Bellinger in the 8th and 9th to tie the game. In the 10th, Gull killer Pollack stuck again with a run scoring double. Iglesias went two innings for the win, not allowing the inherited runner to advance. Alvarado took his first loss.

G2: FTC (Rasmussen) 2, FRE (Hendricks) 1

The Chautauquas scored in the 2nd on a Nunez base hit. The Gull came back with a Garcia solo shot in the 5th. McKinstry singled home the winning run in the top of the 6th. 4 Quas pitchers held the hapless Gulls to no hits and two walks in the final 4 2/3 innings. McGowin picked up his 2nd win in relief and Iglesias got his 20th save. Hendricks took a tough loss, hit 10th.

G3: FTC (Wheeler) 5, FRE (Gallen) 2

With the one run games out of the way, we proceed to the 3 run games. All Zack Wheeler as he gave up 2 unearned runs in 7 2/3 innings. Home runs by McKinstry and Grandal were all the Quas needed. Wheeler picked up his 13th win and Reid-Foley his first save. Gallen took his 8th loss.

G4: FTC (DeGrom) 3, FRE (Houser) 0

A scoreless game going to the 6th, Seager tripled and scored on a Cooper sac fly. Single runs in the 8th and 9th (a McKinstry HR) provided some insurance. DeGrom only went 2 innings so McGowin picked up his 3rd win in relief. Iglesias got his 21st save. Voth took his first loss in relief.

G5: FTC (Burnes) 16, FRE (Fedde) 1

We now return to our regular programming. Four runs in the first and this was over. 16 runs on 15 hits and 7 walks. The overly generous Gulls even in chipped in two errors. The Quas pitchers struck out 14 and walked none. Weathers came in the 4th inning and went the final 6 for his 4th win. Fedde took a well deserved 10th loss. Too many hitting heroes for the Quas to name.

Gull Droppings

FTC - .244. McKinstry 5/16 .313 2 HR 7 RBI, Crawford 5/16 .313 1 HR 4 RBI. 1.17 ERA 34 hits, 10 BB, 50 K, 4 HR, only 6 earned runs.

FRE - .201. Polanco 6/19 .316 1 HR. 5.09 ERA, 40 hits, 23 BB, 46 K, 7 HR

The first two were obviously the best chances for the Gulls. However, when you only score 8 runs in 5 games, decent pitching in 4 of them only keeps it close. McKinstry was the hitting hero for the Quas, not only overall numbers but many of them timely. The standings don’t lie.

Series 30 - BEL 1 @ SOU 4

Game 1 - SOU 3, BEL 2 (Eovaldi vs. Cease)
Brett Phillips' RBI double in the 7th broke a 2-2 tie. Phillips 4-2-2-2, 2B and SB.  D. Cease 6IP, 11K, 1ER.
Game 2 - BEL 4, SOU 3 (Snell vs. Kershaw)
The only two errors of the series by the Gothams allowed BEL to score two unearned runs which was the difference.  BEL plates all 4 runs in the 6th.  B. Reynolds goes 4-1-3-0 with two 2B for the Bambinos.
Game 3 - SOU 6, BEL 5 (Alzolay vs. McClanahan)
On the verge of falling behind in the series 2-1, SOU rallied for 4 runs in the 9th for a dramatic come-back win.  It changed the entire tone of the series.  Tim Anderson had the game-winning hit following back-to-back doubles to tie it by Carlson and Peralta.
Game 4 - SOU 4, BEL 3 (10 innings) (Quantrill vs. Ryu)
David Peralta provided the walk-off fireworks in this game knocking the game-winning single to score Albies with two outs.
Game 5 - SOU 11, BEL 6 (Espino vs. Irvin)
After four one-run games, this appeared to finally be the game to bench some starters (ABs) and save some bullpen innings.  BEL jumped to an early 6-0 in the 3rd.  But SOU scored two in the bottom of the 3rd and 6 more in the 4th to take an 8-6 lead.  SOU tacked on 3 more in the 7th to get some breathing room.  Espino went the distance for SOU striking out 7 allowing 9 hits. Alonso had 4 RBIs taking his season total to 101.
BEL:  .253, 7HR, 20RBI, 6E  /  3.32, 55K, 16BB, 27R (16 earned), 47H - J. Sanchez .462 (6-13), 2HR, 5RBI
SOU: .270, 4HR, 26RBI, 2E  /  3.52, 48K, 18BB, 20R (18 earned), 43H - Anderson/Carlson 12-36 (.333) 6RBI, 5R, 2SB
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