Wheaton Wolves

Owner/Manager: Steve Fixler

Birthplace: Chicago
Grew up: Wilmette (Northern Chicago suburb)
Retired U.S. Army: 1979 -2004
Current Occupation: Superintendent of the Veterans Assistants Commission of DuPage County IL.

  • Northeastern IL University, Chicago, IL – BA History/Education
  • Chapman University, Orange County, CA – MA Organizational Leadership

Personal history:

I was born on the north side of Chicago, but primarily grew up in the northern suburbs in heavy Cubs territory, but I became a White Sox fan. (I’m a Northside Sox Fan.)

I was in the Army from 1979 – 2004 and am retired living in Wheaton, IL around 30 miles west of Chicago. While stationed at Ft. Carson, CO, I joined Derek’s DDL and managed the Cheyenne Mountain Silver Lions during Seasons ‘93 and ‘94. (You can check me out in the Morgue.)

I first played Strat-O Baseball in 1971, Football in 1972, Basketball and Hockey since their inception. I’ve been in multiple Baseball leagues and tournaments and Hockey leagues and am currently in the SOM Hockey Florida Gold Coast Hockey Association since 2010.

I’ve got every SOM team in every sport that I’ve ever bought. 92 Seasons over 2800 teams. (Boy, do I have every team.) Favorite SOM Baseball Teams: 1957 Braves. It was great to meet Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathews. 1971 and 2005 White Sox.

In the summer of 2022, Derek contacted me, and we talked for the first time in nearly 30 years. I was not looking for a SOM baseball league, but because Derek contacted me, and remembering how well he ran the league when I was in it, I said yes. He runs a top-notch league.

The Wheaton Wolves are named after the minor league hockey Chicago Wolves AHL team that won the Calder Cup in the 2021-2022 season. I go to at least one game a year. The colors of the team are from the White Sox.

Stadium: Gregory A. Davidson Memorial Park
Stadium Nickname: The Wolves Den

Favorite Baseball Player: White Sox – Bill Melton. In 1971, at the last game of the season, which was a day game at Comiskey Park, I ran home from school to see if he hit No. 33 to win the AL Homerun Title — and he did. In 2003, I got to meet Bill Melton at Sox Fest. I have the original SOM 1971 White Sox and just bought the 1971 remake season.

I’ve never played NetPlay, so the DDL is my first-time playing SOM this way.